Basic Gas Leak Detection

Homeowners can make professional repair and installation for gas lines more effective by learning how to detect leaks.

Simple Testing Method

Gas leaks are considered to be one of the most dangerous home problems that can be experienced by any household.  This is because it poses grave danger to both the inhabitants and the property as well.  Even if the installation of your gas lines was done by a professional, it is you who remains responsible for the early detection of leaks.  The method is simple and can be done by any homeowner.

  • Mix a solution of soap and water and apply it to each gas line connection
  • Turn on the gas and observe the line for bubbles
  • If bubbles form on the fittings, turn off the gas and take a pipe wrench to tighten them
  • Wipe off the old solution and replace it
  • Turn on the gas and recheck
  • If there are still bubble, turn off the gas and call us at once
  • Go out of your home until we get there

This simple method of testing for gas leaks can save not only your gas-fed appliances and property, but your life as well.  Do it at least twice a month to keep your family and property safe.

Inspecting Copper Pipes

Gas lines use copper pipes for a variety of reasons, mainly for its strength.  However, this does not mean that it is safe from gas leaks.  This is why you need to learn how to test for gas leaks on copper pipes as well.  Normally, the most common indication is a gas odor in your home.  When this happens:

  • Shut off the gas and open a window immediately
  • Make sure that all electrical equipment and appliances are turned off
  • Inspect the copper tubing for kinks
  • Pick up the phone and call us immediately

We can inspect the copper pipes for you to see if they have to be repaired of a new installation is necessary.  Basically, when copper pipes have kinks, it is important to cut off the kinked section before redoing the fitting.  Based on our experience, kinked copper tubing normally has a split on its side wall that is almost invisible to the eye.

The presence of a split on the copper pipes is an indication of a leak.  Depending on its extent, we may need to do a complete installation to replace the entire length of the pipe and not just the damaged portion.  We at Pasadena Plumbing will discuss with you your options before we do any type of repair and installation for gas lines.

Professional Advice

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