Drain Cleaning as a Preventive Process

As much as possible, homeowners should practice the needed maintenance like drain cleaning in order to keep the plumbing system working perfectly at all times. There are some who invest in improving their plumbing fixtures and many forget about their drain lines. It is not enough to improve the physical appearance of your plumbing. What’s more important are the plumbing lines.

If you wanted to have a comfortable living, it is necessary that you ensure that plumbing lines are in good condition always and free from any obstruction. Before serious complications happen, treat the clog while it is still a minor problem.

Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

Elimination of Clogs

The first benefit of drain cleaning is reduced occurrence of clogs and blockages. A lot of homeowners already had experienced how devastating and frustrating it is to deal with plumbing issues due to clogs. It could result to property damages and health hazard.

Blockages could also cause permanent water in the sink and tub which makes these fixtures unusable for some time. This affects your day to day living since you need to use your bathroom and sink daily.

The cleaning of your drain could ensure that fixtures connected to the drain are always working fine. It ensures that water and other liquid waste goes down the drain.

Root Removal

Drains could also experience tree root problem especially when you have a large tree in your yard. The drain always carries water and even a small leak could start a serious tree root issue.

When drain cleaning is regularly performed, a plumber could easily spot a tree root problem while it is still minor and do the necessary fixing to eliminate the problem permanently. The skills and experience of plumbers is enough to help them deal with even the most serious drain problems like tree roots.

See to it that the plumber you hire to eliminate tree roots utilize the right equipment and tools like video systems and high pressure washers. With these, it is certainly possible to find the roots fast and deal with it thoroughly.

Avoid Expensive property damage

If your sewer lines have been with you for a couple of years now and you could not anymore remember when was the last time you have it cleaned, better schedule drain cleaning. When leaks start to infest your drain lines, it could affect the soil foundation of your property leading to serious damages.

When you do regular drain cleaning, you could avoid a lot of problems in your plumbing and property in general. It will save you from the headaches of facing the effects of clogs and leaks. You just have to make sure that the cleaning is done by the right plumbers.

For drain cleaning and repair, call Pasadena Plumbing. Our staffs are always ready to pick up your call and help as much as possible.

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What You Should Know About Sewer Line Repairs

As soon as you experience problems in your drain lines, it is very important that you deal with it immediately though sewer line repairs. Do not anymore let the repair wait for a couple of days for problems in the sewer could result to expensive damages in your property.

The problem with some homeowners is they do not deal with the problem immediately for they think that the repair is just another expense. They fail to realize that if the problem becomes more serious it could result to bigger expense.

What Causes damage in the sewer line?

Most of the problems in the sewer line are due to serious blockages and clogs. A clog would often start with causing slow draining in fixtures like the tub and sink. When you observe this, immediately pour a drain cleaner in your sink to deal with the problem.

If the problem still persists continue pouring it with cleaner for several times in a certain time interval for about 3 hours. This would often eliminate the clog.

But, if doing so does not solve the problem, it is best that you call an expert plumber to do the cleaning. Immediately fixing it is very important in order to avoid major damages in your pipes or your property in general.

See to it that the drain cleaners you use are free from harsh chemicals that could not only harm the environment but could also cause corrosion in the sewer lines.

Another possible cause of damages in the sewer lines are tree roots. As we all know, roots are attracted to water.

When your pipe starts to leak, this small drip of water could cause moisture in the soil which is good for the roots. When the roots start to enter the sewer lines through the small leak, it means trouble.

The roots would slowly grow and could clog the drains. Worse, it could result to breaking of the sewer lines.

Actions to do When You Notice Signs of Problems

When you see signs that there is a problem in your drain lines, immediately call the service of a professional plumber for sewer line repairs. This plumbing expert could thoroughly inspect your drain lines and see what is causing the problem.

Today, digging your property is not anymore necessary when inspection is done since a plumber could use the cleanouts in most plumbing systems today. This part of the plumbing is really intended for this purpose.

After seeing the problem in the drain lines, the plumber could now offer various solutions on how to deal with the problem and fix the damages it caused. You would be lucky enough if the damage is not that severe for major damages also entails high cost of service.

For reliable sewer line repairs, we at Pasadena Plumbing could help. Our plumbers are well-trained in checking drain lines and do the needed cleaning and repair. Contact us now.

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The Basics of Tankless Water Heater

If you are still using the traditional heating system where a tank is required, you might want to consider remodelling your home with Tankless Water Heater. There are a lot of advantages of having this tankless option compared to the tank type heater. Below are some good facts that could help you decide.


It is true that the initial investment for tankless water heater system is high but you definitely could save a lot in time. The concept of heating water in this new system is more cost-effective compared to the tank type.

Water is only heated when it is needed. If you have those tanks for hot water, the water in the tank is kept warm even if you are not using hot water.


When it comes to durability, a tankless unit could last for 20 years or more while the other one could only go for about 10 to 15 years. New models of tankless heater are made to last longer.

Plus, these units usually use latest technology which makes it energy efficient. You don’t have to worry anymore about increasing electricity bill due to the use of hot water at home.


The tankless water heater could heat 2-5 gallons of water in one minute. This is a good option for families who have a great need for hot water especially in the morning.

Even though it performs better, it could still help you reduce the cost of heating to about 50%. A lot of people have this misconception that since this tankless option is better, it also cost higher when it comes to function cost.

Two options

If you are interested to go for tankless heating at home, you could either go gas-fired or electric powered. For those who have less need for hot water, you could settle for electricity powered while those who need high flow of water, it is best to go for gas-fired.

How Heating is done

In a tankless water heater, the heating is done only when there is a need. As soon as the hot water faucet is opened, it means that the elements of the heater in-charge to heat the water is turned on also. As water passes to this part, it is heated.

It stops heating water when the fixture is also turned off. It saves energy since water in this tankless heater is stored cold compared to tanks where water is warm.


Since you don’t need a tank in a tankless option it becomes space efficient as well. The size of the unit is just enough that you could mount it in the wall.

If you need tankless water heater installation, Pasadena Plumbing could help. We have the enough experience when it comes to doing the job and our plumbers are well trained for it. We guarantee customer satisfaction in the services we offer.

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Features of Professional Video Inspection

Features of Professional Video Inspection

Understanding the features of professional video inspection of sewer lines allow homeowners to take advantage of the benefits of the technology.

Quick Identification of Plumbing Issues

One of the most desirable features of professional video inspection technology is that it allows professional plumbers to quickly identify issues with home plumbing systems.  This translates fewer invasions into your daily routine as well as comparatively fewer expenses.

Undoubtedly, there are some plumbing issues that can be difficult to detect from the outside.  With the help of this technology, accurate diagnosis of plumbing issues can be done to come up with a reasonable and acceptable cause of the problem.

Of course, it should be stated that despite the advanced technology behind video inspection, the proper and accurate detection of plumbing issues require the eyes of trained and experienced plumbers.  Some of the plumbing issues that can be identified with this technology include:

  • Bellied drain lines
  • Cracked sewer laterals
  • Blockage caused by debris
  • Presence of root intrusion
  • Separated lateral joints
  • Deterioration of piping materials
  • Leaks in pipe joints

Review of Actual Footage

Another feature that video inspection technology provides is that gives the trained eye of the plumber the option of reviewing actual footage of the pipes.  The record feature makes it possible to save everything that the camera catches onto a memory stick or DVD media.

This can be valuable when discussing potential plumbing services and preventive measures with homeowners.  The video footage is also a very powerful tool that can be used to explain to homeowners exactly how their drain or sewer lines have reached the specific condition.

The recorded footage can also serve as future reference for maintenance work to be done on the property.

GPS Recording Feedback

One more feature that has made the lives of homeowners and professional plumbers alike is the GPS component of the video inspection tool.

The GPS is capable of recoding both depth and location of the leak, obstruction, or any other type of plumbing issue.  This type of feedback system is one of the reasons why detection and repair can be carried out expeditiously by professional plumbers.

The GPS recording feedback actually translates to huge savings for homeowners because aside from the drastic reduction of man-hours spent on detection and repair, they can be assured that the correct solution is being used.

We can provide video inspection of sewer lines and institute the necessary repairs or replacements within the same day in a relatively less invasive manner. Call Pasadena Plumbing today!

Hydro-Jetting Questions Homeowners Should Ask

Hydro-Jetting Questions Homeowners Should Ask

Understanding the concepts of hydro-jetting will allow homeowners to better appreciate its uses and make it work to their advantage.

Why does Hydro-Jetting Work?

This is basically a process that subjects the sewer pipes to intense streams of pressurized water that shoot out at an average rate of 3,500 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI).  This makes the water stream strong enough to cut through almost any type of debris that can be found inside sewer lines.

Using an accessible opening like the sewer line cleanout, a high-pressurized nozzle is gradually pushed into the sewer line.  This forward movement forces all obstructions in the pipe and anything clinging to the pipe lining to be flushed down to the sewage system.

All wastewater plumbing systems are designed to rely on the power of gravity to carry the dirt downstream.  Hydro-jetting works by going upstream, against gravity, to dislodge all debris and allow them to harmlessly flow downstream.  It creates a clear path within the sewer pipes.

This can be achieved for several hundred feet of sewer lines in less than half the time it would take to use snaking tools.

When is the right time for this solution?

There is no specific timeframe to have hydro-jetting done.  However, if you begin to experience frequent clogging of your home drains, then this is one telltale sign that hydro-jetting may be required.

If you are planning to have pipe lining solutions, it is important to make sure that the pipes are undergo hydro-jetting first.  This will prevent the epoxy lining resin from being deformed and allow it to properly bond with the existing pipe.

Hydro-jetting should also be seen as a preventive measure instead of a solution to blockage.  Periodic hydro-jetting of your sewer pipes will limit the possibility of clogging.

What are the benefits to expect from hydro-jetting?

There are certain benefits that hydro-jetting can present compared to more traditional solutions for sewer line problems.  Some of the benefits can include:

  • Easily cut through stubborn debris and clogs in less time
  • Remove mineral deposits that can buildup in sewer lines that contribute to blockage
  • Strong enough to clear out roots and similar root penetrations
  • Simultaneously cleans sewer pipe linings without damaging or scratching it
  • Helps ensure other sewer plumbing solution become more effective
  • Can be conveniently combined with other plumbing solutions for long-term effects
  • Is non-invasive and limits the time spent by plumbers in repairing household problems
  • Does not expose plumbers and homeowners to dirty and possibly dangerous sewage


We can discuss possible plumbing solutions and how hydro-jetting can be used more effectively to maintain the functionality and efficiency of your sewer system. Call Pasadena Plumbing today!

Basic Gas Leak Detection

Basic Gas Leak Detection

Homeowners can make professional repair and installation for gas lines more effective by learning how to detect leaks.

Simple Testing Method

Gas leaks are considered to be one of the most dangerous home problems that can be experienced by any household.  This is because it poses grave danger to both the inhabitants and the property as well.  Even if the installation of your gas lines was done by a professional, it is you who remains responsible for the early detection of leaks.  The method is simple and can be done by any homeowner.

  • Mix a solution of soap and water and apply it to each gas line connection
  • Turn on the gas and observe the line for bubbles
  • If bubbles form on the fittings, turn off the gas and take a pipe wrench to tighten them
  • Wipe off the old solution and replace it
  • Turn on the gas and recheck
  • If there are still bubble, turn off the gas and call us at once
  • Go out of your home until we get there

This simple method of testing for gas leaks can save not only your gas-fed appliances and property, but your life as well.  Do it at least twice a month to keep your family and property safe.

Inspecting Copper Pipes

Gas lines use copper pipes for a variety of reasons, mainly for its strength.  However, this does not mean that it is safe from gas leaks.  This is why you need to learn how to test for gas leaks on copper pipes as well.  Normally, the most common indication is a gas odor in your home.  When this happens:

  • Shut off the gas and open a window immediately
  • Make sure that all electrical equipment and appliances are turned off
  • Inspect the copper tubing for kinks
  • Pick up the phone and call us immediately

We can inspect the copper pipes for you to see if they have to be repaired of a new installation is necessary.  Basically, when copper pipes have kinks, it is important to cut off the kinked section before redoing the fitting.  Based on our experience, kinked copper tubing normally has a split on its side wall that is almost invisible to the eye.

The presence of a split on the copper pipes is an indication of a leak.  Depending on its extent, we may need to do a complete installation to replace the entire length of the pipe and not just the damaged portion.  We at Pasadena Plumbing will discuss with you your options before we do any type of repair and installation for gas lines.

Proper Sump Maintenance

By checking on critical components and sticking to best practices in sump pump service, your unit will remain efficient and save you money.

Critical Components

Practically all sump pumps will be sitting in the basement for about six months and not be used at all.  This is why it is important to do routine maintenance work on critical components to ensure that they remain in working condition always.  Specific components to look at should include:

  • Float – this is possibly the most vulnerable part of the sump pump.  It is responsible for triggering the unit to start getting water out of the pit.  Slowly pour some water into the pit and make sure that the float rises; otherwise it needs repair.
  • Sump Pit – debris is the major problem with this component.  This is why all loose materials and dirt should be removed regularly.
  • Check Valve – if water is not discharged and remains only in the pit, then you need to replace the busted check valve.
  • Impeller – this should be cleaned regularly to ensure that it does not get jammed with debris.  You would need to remove the component from the pit to get it cleaned properly.
  • Electricity – checking the connections is vital since the sump pump requires electric power source.  Aside from being plugged in properly, you should check the condition of the circuit breaker and the ground fault circuit interrupter to make sure it has not tripped.  Use the reset button to check the electrical supply.

Your Quarterly Routine

There are some critical maintenance works that must be done every quarter to make sure that the unit does not breakdown when you need it most.  You should make sure that the sump pump will continuously discharge the water from your home to the yard and not to any sanitary sewer or drain in your plumbing system.  Your quarterly routine should include the following.

  • Cleaning the pump inlet screen of all debris and clogging
  • Checking the power cord and the quality of the power being supplied
  • Pour a bucket of water into the sump to check if the float will rise and turn on the unit automatically

Annual Maintenance Routine

A bit of dedication will ensure that your sump pump will automatically draw water from your basement to prevent flooding of your property.  Your annual maintenance routine should focus on the following activities:

  • Removing the pump to clean and inspect it visually
  • Cleaning out the sump
  • Checking the grease or oil of the pump bearings
  • Replacing the pump of the sump
  • Verify the power connection
  • Adjusting or replacing the float if necessary

We can do annual sump pump service to ensure that your unit will not give out on you when you need it most.

How to Unclog the Drain by Yourself

Having a bad day ahead because of the unwanted drain clogging in your house?Every homeowner will arrive at a terriblepoint wherein they will meet this very disturbing house problem, Clogged Drain. Worry no more! Because you, yourself can make a remedy out of it! Just follow the simple steps:

Try the basic home remedy for clogged drain.
First, you need to pour a half a coup of baking soda and a half a cup of plain white vinegar into the drain. Then the mixture will automatically bubble up. After setting the mixture down, the wise thing to do is to just let it as it is. You can leave it until overnight. After those steps, pour a hot water into the drain and it will automatically flush down. This process is regard as the simplest remedy for homeowners. This is very applicable and suitable most especially to the housewives. This remedy step is the best solution for minor clogged drain.

If it failed, you need to deal and settle it out into its core region surface.
In this process, first you need the help of the screwdriver to remove the drain cover from the problem area. Get a flashlight and use it to check if there is some debris or scrappy stuffs around it which causes the drain to be clogged. Once you spotted the source of it, immediately get a straighten wire and slowly stick it down into the drain and start to clutch out the clogs. As an instant plumber, this is already a heavy job because you need to resolve the blockage in the inner part of the drain. This is not suitable for homeowners who believe that it’s a dirty job for them to handle out.

If it still doesn’t work, you need to use a plunger.
For your information, the plunger is the most useful tool inside the bathroom. It may be the most appalling one but most of the time, it is the very best solution to unwanted clogged drain. You need to see the edge of the drain and to tight the seal around it. You can put a little petroleum jelly to the rim of the cup to upsurge its force. Once it overflows, you need to plug it with a rag. To be able to cover the head of the plunger, you need to fill the tub with water. After that, plunge it away as soon as you place it onto the drain.

If plunger won’t do, the next step will be the use of a drain snake.
You can use a garden hose if you do not own a plumber snake. Just make sure to run down the hose into the drain and then open the faucet in its all might. This will immediately settle your clogged drain in just—one two three.

If all the steps above won’t do, you need to use a chemical drain opener such as the liquid plumber.
Once you decided to use these products, just make sure to open the windows and exhaust fan to refrain from suffocation. The products may contain chemicals that are harmful to your health.

The steps are quite simple as long as you have the essential things to help you with. If all the steps above do not work then waste no time and call Pasadena Plumbing. Our expert plumbers are definitely professional and are irrefutably experts in using the plumbing apparatus. We showcase the best solution to your problem in unclogging your drain. We are open 24-hours so just call and we will fix it right away for you!

Professional Advice

Plumbing problems require immediate attention. The more you delay, the higher you spend.

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