Hydro-Jetting Questions Homeowners Should Ask

Understanding the concepts of hydro-jetting will allow homeowners to better appreciate its uses and make it work to their advantage.

Why does Hydro-Jetting Work?

This is basically a process that subjects the sewer pipes to intense streams of pressurized water that shoot out at an average rate of 3,500 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI).  This makes the water stream strong enough to cut through almost any type of debris that can be found inside sewer lines.

Using an accessible opening like the sewer line cleanout, a high-pressurized nozzle is gradually pushed into the sewer line.  This forward movement forces all obstructions in the pipe and anything clinging to the pipe lining to be flushed down to the sewage system.

All wastewater plumbing systems are designed to rely on the power of gravity to carry the dirt downstream.  Hydro-jetting works by going upstream, against gravity, to dislodge all debris and allow them to harmlessly flow downstream.  It creates a clear path within the sewer pipes.

This can be achieved for several hundred feet of sewer lines in less than half the time it would take to use snaking tools.

When is the right time for this solution?

There is no specific timeframe to have hydro-jetting done.  However, if you begin to experience frequent clogging of your home drains, then this is one telltale sign that hydro-jetting may be required.

If you are planning to have pipe lining solutions, it is important to make sure that the pipes are undergo hydro-jetting first.  This will prevent the epoxy lining resin from being deformed and allow it to properly bond with the existing pipe.

Hydro-jetting should also be seen as a preventive measure instead of a solution to blockage.  Periodic hydro-jetting of your sewer pipes will limit the possibility of clogging.

What are the benefits to expect from hydro-jetting?

There are certain benefits that hydro-jetting can present compared to more traditional solutions for sewer line problems.  Some of the benefits can include:

  • Easily cut through stubborn debris and clogs in less time
  • Remove mineral deposits that can buildup in sewer lines that contribute to blockage
  • Strong enough to clear out roots and similar root penetrations
  • Simultaneously cleans sewer pipe linings without damaging or scratching it
  • Helps ensure other sewer plumbing solution become more effective
  • Can be conveniently combined with other plumbing solutions for long-term effects
  • Is non-invasive and limits the time spent by plumbers in repairing household problems
  • Does not expose plumbers and homeowners to dirty and possibly dangerous sewage


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