By checking on critical components and sticking to best practices in sump pump service, your unit will remain efficient and save you money.

Critical Components

Practically all sump pumps will be sitting in the basement for about six months and not be used at all.  This is why it is important to do routine maintenance work on critical components to ensure that they remain in working condition always.  Specific components to look at should include:

  • Float – this is possibly the most vulnerable part of the sump pump.  It is responsible for triggering the unit to start getting water out of the pit.  Slowly pour some water into the pit and make sure that the float rises; otherwise it needs repair.
  • Sump Pit – debris is the major problem with this component.  This is why all loose materials and dirt should be removed regularly.
  • Check Valve – if water is not discharged and remains only in the pit, then you need to replace the busted check valve.
  • Impeller – this should be cleaned regularly to ensure that it does not get jammed with debris.  You would need to remove the component from the pit to get it cleaned properly.
  • Electricity – checking the connections is vital since the sump pump requires electric power source.  Aside from being plugged in properly, you should check the condition of the circuit breaker and the ground fault circuit interrupter to make sure it has not tripped.  Use the reset button to check the electrical supply.

Your Quarterly Routine

There are some critical maintenance works that must be done every quarter to make sure that the unit does not breakdown when you need it most.  You should make sure that the sump pump will continuously discharge the water from your home to the yard and not to any sanitary sewer or drain in your plumbing system.  Your quarterly routine should include the following.

  • Cleaning the pump inlet screen of all debris and clogging
  • Checking the power cord and the quality of the power being supplied
  • Pour a bucket of water into the sump to check if the float will rise and turn on the unit automatically

Annual Maintenance Routine

A bit of dedication will ensure that your sump pump will automatically draw water from your basement to prevent flooding of your property.  Your annual maintenance routine should focus on the following activities:

  • Removing the pump to clean and inspect it visually
  • Cleaning out the sump
  • Checking the grease or oil of the pump bearings
  • Replacing the pump of the sump
  • Verify the power connection
  • Adjusting or replacing the float if necessary

We can do annual sump pump service to ensure that your unit will not give out on you when you need it most.

Professional Advice

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